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We put the best products of the market in a colorful and stylish bag that you can take with you everywhere

Shuk in a sack

    • A bag of salty ravioli snack from Levinsky market
    • Pistachio Halva from Jerusalem
    • Sumac baladi from Hatikva market
    • "Mizrachi" black coffee, a 60-year-old roastery from Hatikva market
    • A huge chocolate yeast cake that is not from the market but is the best in Tel Aviv from "Boulangerie 96"
    • "Herzl" boutique beer
    • A bag of gummies from "Hatikva market" with all the stars: an egg, snakes, carpets, Coke and other celebrities :)
    • A jar of the tastiest olive mix from the "Abramento" deli in the Levinsky market
    • An emotional blessing for the family

    Everything comes in a colorful market bag (each bag has a different color) with our ticket or yours :)

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